Cabot Tactical Shirt FY30

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Outer layertactical model, optional pockets, rear yoke breathability, arm tab
Fabric Polyester cotton ripstop (water repellent) 150 g / m²

Product Features

  • Functional Pockets
  • Polyester Cotton Ripstop Fabric

Fiyort Products

What is the waterproof rating?

Our products with 100% waterproof logo are produced from polyester ripstop fabric, resistant and never waterproof. Thanks to the techics of welding tape to the seams, it is fully waterproof.

Are the products windproof?

Our products with windproof feature are made of softshell fabric and have high wind resistance. The inner layer of all our softshell fabrics is fleece, which will protect your body temperature against cold.

Can the products be used in hunting?

Fiyort products are carefully selected fabrics and products manufactured with special sewing methods to be used in all nature sports. Our tactical collection products are functional with their durable structure especially in hunting.

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